Production of special  VHM and HSS tools

Carbide, s.r.o., limited liability company, has been active in the field of manufacture and sharpening of special VHM and HSS tools since 1998. In the course of more than twenty years of experience in tool manufacturing and sharpening our team of cutters has gathered deep knowledge of machining technology with rotary tools. Each of our cutters is trained to master complex technological procedures performed by our CNC sharpeners.

Why to choose Carbide

  • Výroba od 1 ks EN
    Manufacturing from 1 piece
    consulting even for small orders
    Fast delivery
    we offer delivery terms 3-5 days
  • 25 let EN
    25 years
    on the market since 1998
  • Česká společnost EN
    Czech company
    own production and service


We operate in the Czech
Republic and Slovakia

You can find us not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia.

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